Great Achievement

Aim for what you deserve

Great achievement in life only comes when you become outstanding at what you do.

Anything less than a commitment to excellence is an acceptance of mediocrity. Unless you make the conscious commitment to become excellent at what you do, what you are doing is unconsciously accepting that you are only going become mediocre.

Every excellent performance builds your self-esteem and reinforces your self-confidence. It improves your performance in every area. If you only do things in an average way you don’t get anything. You don’t get the charge. Always strive for perfection.

Excellence is a commitment to be the best you can be and then some!

The commitment to excellence that separates the winners from the losers in life.  Loosing is a choice if you never give up then temporary set backs are all part of the process to excellence and achievement

The attitude of  Excellence in everything you do  is the attitude of achievement!


One Comment on “Great Achievement

  1. Thank you Sir. I remember you once giving an example saying that if you go to the kitchen and you leave the dishes in the sink unwashed and do nothing about it (even though you didn’t dirty the sink) then you are accepting that standard. I work hard everyday to do those little things that reinforce excellence in my life even though it may not have been me who that left things behind. Its easy to look away and not do it, and i have done that a few times too, but many times i have gone back to fix it because i am interested in excellence in my life. Thank you for reminding me of how important striving for excellence is no matter how elusive perfection can be.

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