Self Confidence and Self Esteem

2 Comments on “Self Confidence and Self Esteem

  1. Thank you sir. It was great! Self esteam and self control are so important.

  2. More people need to really take in what you just said! Low self esteem can look very ugly and dark in a person. They may appear very confident when they speak to others but they are all about looking right rather than wanting others to be better. They become very competitive and rather than work as a team they are all about self promoting. They say things without thought to protect their image rather than what’s best for others. I really never got this till now! It’s pointless spending your time to become more confident in what you do! If you like yourself more and focus in others becoming better, confidence will be a byproduct. It’s not in knowing more or appearing like you know more at all. For a long time I thought that’s where it was at. No need to put another down to make yourself appear better. Thanks so much frank there is much to learn about self control!

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